Charging accessible and easy for everyone!

Vonk EV charging software connects all chargers easily, cheaply, and quickly into a unified charging and payment system. Charging made easy to get and use by everyone – no need for APP download or customer registration.


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  • Turnkey solutions
  • Deploy in weeks
  • We bring you customers
  • Sustainability at entrance

Public charging made easy to everyone

  • No registration
  • No APP download
  • Everyone can join
  • Everyone can charge


Charging service for a business

Launch your EV charging service quickly

  • Focus on your core business, Vonkteach takes care of the EV charging

    We work with all OCPP-compatible EV chargers and deploy quick and customer-needs-oriented solutions depending on the location and best practice end-customer user experience. On average, cars are parked 90% of the time. More often than not, this place is home or at work, thus making it the most convenient location to charge a car.

With Vonktech, you only need to set your prices. We’ll take it from there and handle all other processes for you.

  • Charging equipment integration

    On the hardware level, the Vonktech system can manage any charging station regardless of type and manufacturer, provided it follows the latest OCPP Industry standards. We recommend OCPP 1.6 compliance or higher for seamless integration and uninterrupted work. Most charging stations can be added in a simple Plug&Play manner as new models are being added to our backend regularly.

  • Supporting models from major brands

    EV Box

Dive into the Vonktech scalable e-mobility system

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