Diverse mobility grid management

Better buildings.
Cleaner cars.
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Vonktech develops values and pieces for intelligent e-mobility projects,
from simple home charging to complex industrial solutions, regardless of location,
our team and control center is remote and mobile.

  • EV charge point & energy management software

    Scalable EV charge point & energy management software that everyone can use. Remote monitoring and control of your charging network provides a seamless charging experience for your EV drivers and performs advanced load management tasks to support demand response and load flexibility services.

    We are open for connection on all levels, from charging station integrations to roaming and consultation.

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  • Choose a package, configure the charger and control all of your chargings

    Vonktech load management capabilities can be configured at the charger/cluster/load area level.

    Load management enables self-managed operation in the form of static or dynamic load management (DLM) or integration with third-party systems to support load flexibility and demand response services.

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  • Load management & demand response

    Vonktech charge point & energy management software allows you to charge all cars simultaneously, without overloading the electricity grid of the apartment building.

    We will maintain the charging solution, forward the user charging data to the apartment association for billing, and assist you and your apartment association in creating a smart, convenient, affordable electric car charging solution for your apartment building.

    Smart charging with an APP or RFID card.

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  • We research. We develop. You use.

    From essential charging point management services to enterprise-size charging infrastructure management models- everything the e-mobility service provider needs in one place.

    Get automatic summary reports with statistics for a chosen period or notifications about special events directly in your inbox. Vonktech charge point & payment platform is for everyone and easy to use and install.

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